Longer. Higher.
Stunning. Prime.

Golf’s Golden Standard

In golf, a luxurious game is an easy game. So we engineered XXIO Prime to help you achieve a new level of distance performance with no added effort.

Featuring advanced lightweight construction for faster head speed, a new head design for faster ball speed, and powerful draw-biased performance, XXIO Prime is longer, higher, stunning performance.


The Easiest Swing in Golf

To give you the easiest swing possible, one with incredible distance and forgiveness, we make Prime differently.

Every grip, shaft, and head is unique to each club. These components are designed together to improve balance, speed, and power throughout your swing.

Prime Makes You Faster

Dual Speed Technology—the core machinery inside every Prime club—uses complex weighting and flex profiles to increase club head speed with your moderate swing speed.

Swinging Prime is an incredible sensation. You feel the club guiding you to the ball, boosting your speed and distance without any swing adjustments.

Distance without the Slice

Exotic materials and advanced manufacturing techniques make Prime unlike any other golf clubs.

Technologies like the Wing Cup Face, Sole Channel, and High Density Tungsten Weights help your moderate swing speed launch the ball higher, farther, and straighter.

Experience XXIO PRIME

The ultimate symbol of excellence and performance, XXIO Prime is:

  • Luxurious Materials and Quality
  • Increased Speed and Distance
  • Draw Biased Shot Shape
  • Incredibly Easy to Swing