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XXIO Premium Golf Balls are the epitome of golf luxury with impressive looks and cutting-edge technologies. Perfect for moderate swing speed golfers who demand the best, the spin, launch, feel and trajectory of XXIO Premium Golf Balls provides totally balanced and optimized performance for your moderate swing.

Premium golf balls from XXIO come in two color options: Royal Gold and Royal Platinum. Both colors feature a white-pearl coating for a rich appearance and improved visibility. The iridescent coating shimmers in the sun, boasting a luxurious appearance on the tee and high visibility from afar, even in partially buried lies. The Royal Gold uses a golden metallic paint for the logo, alignment line, and number, while the Royal Platinum features a platinum colored logo, alignment line, and number.

The core of XXIO Premium Golf Balls is an Energetic Gradient Growth Core that’s soft in the center and gradually becomes harder at the edges. This unique construction allows the lower-compression core to feel soft at impact but stay rigid enough to deliver remarkable distances on full shots.

The Tungsten-Enriched neo-metal-mix mid-layer in XXIO Premium Golf Balls increases resiliency on full shots, producing higher ball speeds. It also increases friction on short shots around the green by forcing the soft cover into the grooves of your wedge, generating more spin and stopping power.

The soft, highly flexible ionomer core is highly durable and delivers remarkably soft feel. The soft cover is able to grip the grooves of your irons and wedges, generating the spin and control you demand from premium golf balls.

The advanced 324 Speed Aero Dimple design uses high uniform, high occupancy, irregularly shaped dimples. Each of the 324 dimples has its own unique shape, with very little space between each. This pattern minimizes gaps between dimples, optimizing your trajectory for height and distance.

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